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January 13, 2011 / recycledrose

recycledrose goes to Europe- Londontown

While my 100 day second hand clothing challenge has finished, some of you may know I spent some time in Europe recently.. I visited some of the most amazing places- cobbled side streets in Paris, espressos and hot chocolates in Italy, snow in Switzerland, castles in Scotland and tea houses in London. I thought I may share with you some of my pics (mainly because Europe has some of the most ridiculously beautiful backdrops) but also to show that you can even wear second hand clothing while travelling and in (very) cold temperatures.

Before I left Australia, I visited the op-shop and bought a pair of jeans a size larger to fit all the layers of thermals underneath and then a number of tops in simple bold colours.. 2011 is the year for colour blocking- think bold hues mixed and matched together. However I will admit that limited suitcase space meant only a handful of clothes, so some of these outfits aren’t half as interesting as I would like. Although I did learn that by having a limited no. of clothes, an interesting hat, scarf and gloves completes an outfit and makes it so much easier to get ready in the mornings.. here are some pics of London- I shall try to post some of the other countries I visited over the upcoming days..hmm seem to be having some probs with wordpress, will try and fix that soon!   x x

Second hand jeans

Second hand pea-green button up jacket


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