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September 26, 2010 / recycledrose

Day 65: The skinny leg jeans

I am not sure how I feel about skinny leg jeans- on the one hand they can make you feel sexy, on the other hand they can make you feel very unsexy. I think my main dislike of skinny leg jeans has been that a lot of them tend to be hipsters, which can look great while you are standing, less cool when you are bending over.

However, I found a great pair of soft blue denim skinny leg jeans at an op-shop. I think a pair of stilettos can look great with skinny leg jeans to lengthen the body and accent the legs. I wore it with this second hand navy blue lace top by Flower, second hand leather belt and some second hand necklaces..

Second hand skinny leg jeans by Supre $5

Second hand Country road cardigan $5

Second hand leather belt (mum)

Second hand 70’s necklace $12

Second hand Flower navy blue lace top $2.50

Second hand leather bag $6


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