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September 19, 2010 / recycledrose

Day 59: Hippie hippie shake

I was in the Bindoon op-shop trawling through a lot of trash when I came upon this outfit.. Have you ever bought something from an op-shop which you just knew was bazaar and weird and you had no idea where you would wear it, but you kindof still wanted to buy it? Well I think this was one of those outfits.. I mean I should have known it was one of ‘those’ outfits, seeing as it was in the box labelled as ‘dress up’.

But the cool thing about second hand clothing stores in country towns is it’s one of the few places you can actually find original retro and vintage clothing. Usually there are no vintage clothes in the second hand city stores, or if there are, they are either  a) ridiculously expensive or b) 10 sizes too big or small.

Well anyway here are some pics of the retro jumpsuit I picked up for $2.. the lady at the counter described it as being ‘lairy’ lol. My friends and partner gave a range of responses including saying it looked ‘Valentino’, ‘comfortable’, had a ‘distracting busy print’ and ‘sexy’.. Yep lots of mixed responses and still not entirely sure where to wear it.. But what I do love about this outfit is how it lengthens the body and makes you feel taller, has pockets at the front, pulls in at the back to accentuate the waist and has a gold loop zip.

Second hand retro jump-suit $2

Second hand leather bag $6

Macrame necklace made by mum (free)

Second hand ray ban style sunnies $4

Shoes- Zomp

Definitely the most flared pants I now own!



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  1. jessperriam / Sep 19 2010 6:41 pm

    Oh. My. Goodness!

    Awesome! In an ‘Only Lauren can pull this off” kind of way.

    My favourite day so far!

  2. recycledrose / Sep 19 2010 7:00 pm

    haha thanks jess! i know this outfit is pretty whacked but I really like it.. although every time I mention to Nick some places that I could wear it out, he keeps strongly shaking his head at me! lol

  3. holly / Sep 21 2010 6:38 am

    That is an absolute winner! Brilliant find

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