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August 28, 2010 / recycledrose

Day 48: Tappety tap tap tapas

Had a great night out, having delicious morsels of Spanish food at Pata Negra (tapas restaurant in Perth). The decor was gorgeous and bohemian with lots of tinted amber glass and tea light candles and food that was unusual but super tasty.. think paella with squid ink, cuttle fish and aoli sauce. Yum! We then headed off to the Blue Room theatre to watch a ‘rock comedy’. First time I had been to the Blue Room theatre in Northbridge, but I was impressed- cheap tickets, even cheaper glasses of wine and a relaxed fun atmosphere.. If you like the arts but too tight to pay lots of moolah to enjoy it, go to the blue room!

Anyway I was thinking today how long it has been since I was at a shopping centre- it seems like ages. And I have also noticed that it has become quite natural to wear second hand items of clothing as they make up a large bulk of my wardrobe at the moment. Although this started out as a challenge, it is actually easier than I thought to wear second hand clothing and shop second hand on a regular basis and not feel compromised in expressing your style. Oh and just a pre-warning, I noticed when I saw these photos that it looks like I am only wearing an unbuttoned grey top. You can rest assured I am not a flasher, I am wearing a beige tank which looks a little too ‘au natural’ skin colour!

Second hand country road cardigan $5

Second hand silk scarf $3.50

Beaded earrings- gift from friend


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