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August 24, 2010 / recycledrose

Day 44: The ‘trendy’ outfit

Okay yes I will confess I have been seriously over blogging lately.. Since uni has started back, having time to vaguely dress well enough to post a picture of yourself on the internet, has fallen to a lower priority. Hence , why I’ll admit I have been wondering whether I should change this second hand clothing challenge from 100 to 50 days..maybe..  in my defence I have still worn second hand clothing on the days I have not posted blogs and still have not bought any new clothes.. hmmm yes I know it sounds like I am making excuses, mostly because I am.

Anyway I found this awesome jacket by a Japanese brand (Nice Chaud) for $1 at an op-shop! I shall call it my trendy outfit as when I was at placement for uni I got stopped by an elderly lady who told me she used to dress like me when she went to school and that I looked ‘trendy’. Trendy is a rather dubious word as whenever I hear it, I kind of cringe, I mean it just sounds like such an ‘untrendy’ word that was maybe used a few decades ago.. Anyway linguistics aside, here is the outfit.

Nice Chaud tartan jacket with (synthetic) fur collar $1

Cue tartan pinafore dress

The fur jacket has a collar that is hooked on with buttons and can be removed for a different look.


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