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July 29, 2010 / recycledrose

Day 28- Equestrian style

Maybe it is being back at uni and juggling work, but I just could not be bothered blogging today.. I didn’t really expect blogging to be much work, but doing it everyday can be tiring. And you know, somedays I have to admit that all I feel like doing is wearing a baggy jumper, pj’s and track-suit pants ALL day.

Anyways, I still managed to get some pics together, as it’s almost one month of my challenge finished. I don’t know why, but this outfit reminds me of horses and stables and living in the country. Today I am wearing a second hand Cue pussy bow pinstripe shirt with a second hand leather belt and hand me down silver cuff bracelet.

Second hand Cue shirt $40 (e-bay)

Second hand leather belt and silver cuff bangle (courtesy of mum)

Esprit pinstripe pants

Cotton on long sleeved v-neck top



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  1. jessperriam / Jul 29 2010 5:21 am

    You’re channeling your inner Betty Draper. Please tell me you watch Mad Men…

  2. recycledrose / Jul 31 2010 5:04 pm

    sorry jess i haven’t watched mad men.. but i googled betty draper and i like this style!

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