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July 8, 2010 / recycledrose

Day 8- Ms Humbug

I was off to work today so had to figure out an outfit around op-shop clothing. It has also been raining heaps today, so I decided a warm wooly scarf and wide legged pants were definites. I found a fitted black and white striped satin shirt which oddly reminds me of those old fashioned humbug lollies.  This photo is kind-of blurry as it was raining and fogged up the lens.

op-shop black and white satin shirt, bought from Good Sammys Perth

secondhand Portmans op-shop satin shirt $2.50

winter fashion op-shop style

A bright red hat always helps to cheer up a rainy day!

bright red hat, op shop clothing

I have been thinking about op-shopping and why some people love it and others find it difficult at the best of times.. So here are my tips:

Be open minded- think about ways you can accessorise an item of clothing to make it work

Do check the labels. While a label does not guarantee a good item of clothing, it can be a pointer and I have constantly been surprised by the no. of things from good fashion labels that people throw away which are still in season.

Try not to buy things that require lots of alterations unless you have the sewing ability to do it.. Okay maybe this tip is especially for me as I am challenged in the area of sewing, yes even sewing on buttons can go wrong!

Keep an idea in mind of what you are looking for- it makes shopping a lot easier than going through rack after rack of clothing. It may be as simple as knowing what colours look good on you or a particular style of dress. I am lucky that the op-shop near me colour co-ordinates all the clothes!

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  1. Belle Reese / Jul 18 2010 10:43 pm

    You know, the blurriness actually adds the feel of the outfit. Very nice. Love your hat.

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