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July 3, 2010 / recycledrose

Day 3- Colour me rainbow

A cold winter’s day in Perth sometimes needs an injection of colour. However I will admit that even though it is only day 3 of my op-shop challenge, I really just wanted to wear one of my comfy store bought pair of jeans.. However this blog is keeping me honest so I rummaged through my wardrobe to find some op-shop pieces to wear today. One thing I have noticed is that I do seem to get more ‘dressed up’ and have to think more about how to co-ordinate my clothes to make an outfit work, when I wear things from op-shops.. not sure if that has been other people’s experiences?

handmade silk handkerchief skirt $4 good sammys

handmade felt and button bracelet

button necklace- made by myself!

ready for a day of organic markets at the city farm, art galleries and the state library..

vintage leather saddle bag bought from opshop- $6

I wasn’t too sure about this outfit but did receive some compliments from a lady when i was out in the city

and here is a close-up of my button necklace- super easy to make- just thread buttons onto a piece of bright coloured silk thread and knot it at different intervals to keep buttons in place

and a close-up of my leather bag- the perfect size and so much detail in the pretty engravings of leaves and flowers

the back of the bag is just as pretty as the front

I couldn’t resist a picture of the beautiful plants at City Farm, East Perth. Organic cafe and markets- well worth a visit on a Saturday morning.

After City Farm, I found a number of delightful clothing boutiques and I have to admit it was very difficult prying my hands away from all the silky new scarves.. BUT with great willpower I did it in the name of op-shops and my wallet is thanking me for it 😉

Finally, as a lover of all things French, I was very excited to pick up this little second hand travel memoir for only $3.50! Even more surprising was where I found it- at the State Library!.. In the shop there was a huge selection of great second hand books, so I think I will be heading back there again to find some more treasures.



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  1. Jessp / Jul 4 2010 7:04 pm

    Argh! I just finished reading that author’s first book, A Year in Provence. Great read, left it in Alexandria though. My ninja backpack packing skills dictate that you must leave a book for someone else to read once you’re done with it. Will you wear some new accessories if they’re sent from a delightful travelling friend?

    Miss you!!!

    • recycledrose / Jul 5 2010 2:07 am

      oh a year in provence- i wanted to read that! i shall lend u this second book when i get back.. most certainly will wear some accessories.. i can live vicariously through your exciting jet-setting life! by the way loving ur blog x x x

  2. Kirsten / Jul 5 2010 7:21 am

    I absolutley love the bag! Great find..

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