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February 22, 2011 / recycledrose

Fashion in Italia

I am not usually into green on green, especially when they are not quite the same colour but I love the pop of this olive green top teamed with the pea green coat.. I was lucky to pick up most of these second hand clothes I am wearing in a 50% sale at the op-shop (think everything under $5-pretty exciting for an op-shoppin girl like me!) As you will see in these next photos in Florence and Rome, there is lots of colour blocking and acid bright colours. And what is the ultimate fashion acessory that you should be holding in Italy? a large scoop of gelato of course!

February 22, 2011 / recycledrose

Mysterious Venice

One of my favourite things to do in Venice is get lost down a windy street.. and I did a lot of this, in this magical little city..

February 22, 2011 / recycledrose

Snug as a bug in Scotland

Scotland is one of those places that is beautiful covered in white snow and makes me think of old stories, castles, cosy pubs and a bit of magic.. after all even JK Rowling was inspired here! Chilly places like this though call for rugging up in lots and lots of warm layers.. I actually missing wearing all those layers, as you never get a chance to wear gloves and beanies in Perth

January 13, 2011 / recycledrose

recycledrose goes to Europe- Londontown

While my 100 day second hand clothing challenge has finished, some of you may know I spent some time in Europe recently.. I visited some of the most amazing places- cobbled side streets in Paris, espressos and hot chocolates in Italy, snow in Switzerland, castles in Scotland and tea houses in London. I thought I may share with you some of my pics (mainly because Europe has some of the most ridiculously beautiful backdrops) but also to show that you can even wear second hand clothing while travelling and in (very) cold temperatures.

Before I left Australia, I visited the op-shop and bought a pair of jeans a size larger to fit all the layers of thermals underneath and then a number of tops in simple bold colours.. 2011 is the year for colour blocking- think bold hues mixed and matched together. However I will admit that limited suitcase space meant only a handful of clothes, so some of these outfits aren’t half as interesting as I would like. Although I did learn that by having a limited no. of clothes, an interesting hat, scarf and gloves completes an outfit and makes it so much easier to get ready in the mornings.. here are some pics of London- I shall try to post some of the other countries I visited over the upcoming days..hmm seem to be having some probs with wordpress, will try and fix that soon!   x x

Second hand jeans

Second hand pea-green button up jacket

November 24, 2010 / recycledrose

Reflections on the 100 days of second hand clothing challenge

Well like I said I really did not know whether I would make it to day 100.. There were many days when I could not be bothered brushing my hair, having photos taken or having to resist the temptation of a beautiful new dress on sale. But I have to say, that it has been fantastic and really opened my eyes to all the amazing things you can get from op-shops. So what have I discovered are the benefits of op-shopping?

Cheap cheap cheap- on a uni student budget, you can get lots of amazing brands of clothing that are good quality for a fraction of the price. I personally would prefer a good brand of clothing in beautiful materials that is second hand than a cheapy looking dress on sale that is brand new.

Ethical fashion- When you see that cheap dress on sale at Supre and wonder how on earth it could possibly only cost that much,  the reality is that someone has paid.. it’s just not us. There are heaps of people living in third world countries that pay with terrible wages and bad working conditions in sweat shops.

Environmentally friendly: Being kind to the earth doesn’t have to just be about buying organic cotton tee shirts or buying clothing that donates $1 from each of their sales to grow a tree. Not that I am knocking this stuff, but it is really as easy as re-using what we already have, rather than producing and buying more stuff that drives the consumerism cycle.

Unique style: Who wants to blend in with the crowd? It’s such a buzz when you find an amazing outfit that suits your style (not the style that is in every magazine) and people ask where you got it from, and you say ‘an op-shop’.. Say goodbye to turning up to a party wearing the same outfit as someone else!

Give and receive- After all this guilt free shopping, it means you have an opportunity to have a big spring clean of your wardrobe and give things back to charity.. It can be refreshing giving things away as it makes it a lot easier to find potential outfits in your wardrobe, plus it means there is more room for more op-shopping!

Thankyou to Nick (amazing photographer with bucketloads of patience) and everyone else for joining me on my 100 day second-hand clothing journey. All your positive comments kept me going and boosted my ego just a little! Finally I hope that I have inspired people in some way to go out and rummage through op-shops, have fun with fashion and enjoy finding some second hand treasure!

x x x

November 24, 2010 / recycledrose

Day 100: 100 days of second hand clothing challenge- finished!!

Wow I really did not know at the start if I would make it to day 100- but here I am!! I have been saving this blue kaftan top to day 100 as I love how voluminous and floaty it is when it catches the breeze. When I saw it in the op-shop this week, I couldn’t believe someone would give it away and knew it was meant to be.. I am also wearing a key necklace that I made.. I would love to say it is the key to my heart (ha!) but it actually opens a wooden wine box with a vintage wine inside that my lovely Nick gave me.. what am I saying? of course it is the key to my heart! Yay to day 100 x x

Second hand kaftan by Mink Pink $2.50

Second hand shorts $4

Second hand leather belt

Second hand 1970’s white brass necklace $12

Second hand key necklace (made by me!)

November 24, 2010 / recycledrose

Day 99: Summer in Perth

Today is one of those spectacularly beautiful days that you want to spend lying under the trees for hours at a time daydreaming.. Had a fantastic lazy lunch with friends drinking pimms and eating fruit under the trees by the river.. Love uni holidays!

Second hand polka dot blouse $4

Second hand shorts by Cue $4

Second hand fringed vest $3


Only 1 day to go! (yes I am a nerd..)